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Transportation Industry - News

Surface Reflectance Analyzer by Canon

Surface Reflectance Analyzer RA-532H is a handy measuring device to comprehensively evaluate surface conditions of objects.   It covers a wide range of measurement methods from standard compliant Gloss, Haze, Image Clarity (IC) to 2-D BRDF (Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function) measurements. Additionally, Scattering Index, Canon’s proprietary index, is developed to overcome the shortage of both IC and DOI (Distinctiveness of Image) when evaluating matte and textured surfaces as well as orange peeled surface.

Verdugo Way
United States
Testdyne provides repair and calibration services for most optical and electrical test instrumentation. We are specialized serving the Communications, Optical, Electrical, Government, Medical, Mil-Aero and Sensing Industries. Repair and calibration services range from: Optical Instrumentation: Optical Power Meters Wavelength Meters Laser and LED Sources Broadband Sources Tunable Lasers Optical Spectrum Analyzers (OSA) Protocol Analyzers Optical Attenuators Optical Switches OTDRs etc. Electrical Instrumentation: Volt Meters Ampere Meters Power Meters Oscilloscopes Power Supplies Frequency Counters Frequency Meters TDRs etc.
United States

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